Sex and the City, Samantha's Guide to Romance

Sex and the City, Samantha's Guide to Romance

Sex and the City

  • Жанр: Comedy
  • Дата Релиза: 2009-02-09
  • Класс Рекомендации: TV-MA
  • Эпизод: 7
  • Цена на iTunes: USD 9.99


Too big…too small…older…younger…female. When it comes to sex and romance, Samantha Jones has seen (and done) it all. In honor of Valentine's Day, Sex and the City's resident sexpert is featured in seven of her most memorable and outrageous episodes from the hit comedy series. It's romance as only Samantha could experience, from the bitter pain of heartbreak to the heart-pounding joy of true love—and a lot of wild sex in between!


Заглавие Время Цена
1 The Awful Truth 25:13 USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
2 The Man, the Myth, the Viagra 25:01 USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
3 Ex and the City 32:18 USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
4 Cock a Doodle Do 35:33 USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
5 What's Sex Got to Do With It? 27:07 USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
6 Anchors Away 30:01 USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
7 Great Sexpectations 29:04 USD 1.99 На Айтюнс

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