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Eric Clapton / Эрик Клэптон (Layla)

Eric Clapton / Эрик Клэптон (Layla)

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Born March 30, 1945 in Ripley, Surrey. A great influence on the young Clapton had the music of American bluesmen Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, Big Bill Broonzy, whose record Eric listened to all the free time, learning playing techniques outstanding blues guitarists. After studying at the Kingston College of Art (where he was expelled for academic failure) Clapton takes an active part in the London blues scene of life: occasionally performs with Alexis Korner group "Blues Incorporated", and in October 1963 joined the "The Yardbirds". As part of "The Yardbirds" Clapton played for more than a year before he could record them three singles, an album and a live disc "Five Live Yardbirds" (1964). Despite the increasing popularity of the group gravitated to pure blues, Eric decides to leave "The Yardbirds", considering the music is too commercial team. he performs as part of John Meyella group "The Bluesbreakers" With April 1965. In the biography of Eric Clapton, it was a turning point - his game in "The Bluesbreakers" brought him fame as the best blues guitarist of the country. C them Clapton has released only one album - "Blues Breakers - John Mayall with Eric Clapton" (1966) - but he immediately got into the top ten national hit parade.


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