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Rocky 5 / Рокки 5 (1990)

Rocky 5 / Рокки 5 (1990)

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In 1990, Sylvester Stallone decided on shooting the fifth film in the legendary epic about the Italian boxer rocky. It would seem that the fifth film about a boxer, this is overkill, but not for Stallone. Sly is famous for its obstinacy, and in spite of all warnings he still takes the fifth band. And I must say not in vain. He managed to keep the intrigue of the plot. He managed to colorfully display all the experiences and suffering of an aging boxer. The film had huge success among the audience, though, and was mercilessly criticized by Ministers of the pen.
Refer to the plot. Rocky defeated the Soviet boxer Ivan Drago and quietly returned home. But do not get it quiet life. The ring for him is already closed. Health does not allow Yes, age is too big for Boxing. He was out of luck and money. The part already spent a large part of stolen. Balboa decides to engage in coaching. Thanks to his tenacity he brings a young boxer and outputs it to the highest level. But at the crucial moment the guy goes from his wayward coach to more successful promoters, promises him large fees. But Balboa does not lose presence of mind. Still not broken his fighting spirit, and already fairly old body can still give a brilliant fight...


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