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Encounters at the End of the World / Встречи на Краю Света  (2007)

Encounters at the End of the World / Встречи на Краю Света (2007)

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Directed by Werner Herzog sent to Antarctica with the promise not to create "another movie about penguins" and with his many questions. He wants to make a film about the underwater discoveries. The story begins aboard a military plane bound for the station McMurdo - it's Antarctic Research Centre, owned by the United States and situated in the south of the island of Ross. The company can provide the life and work for 1,200 people. A Verer Herzog interviewing these workers, including philosophers, bankers, directors. These are people who went to Antarctica to dedicate his life to the company McMurdo. Interview with the director of the film gave even survival school teachers and several scientists.
The film was made without a storyline, it's just the story of Werner Herzog about strange things and minds of the people living at the end of the world.

 Do not say you never wondered how brave scientists forty, fifty degrees below zero are working on a single person uninhabited continent on earth. This film takes a lot of fun as the inquisitive children and adults at least curious. How to conquer the South Pole? How to build a house deep in the dead of winter snow on how to move around the white continent? Answers to these and other questions can be found in the documentary "Encounters at the End of the World", which can be viewed online at our theater.
Which ships first explorers arrived to the most uninhabited continent on earth? How I was conquered the South Pole? As in Antarctica were first settlements of scientists? What do glyasiologi stations in the endless snow? Answers to these questions lie in the knowledge of scientists who has for nearly 200 years trying to unravel the mysteries of Antarctica. Today, these scientists are willing to talk about their work ...



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